Here are more photos I took from different places in Pennsylvania, which is outside of Philadelphia.

We got to see the whole battlefield of Valley Forge at one of the National Historic Park where General George Washington and his army were waiting the British to come in the winter of 1777 and 1778 until June 1778, where the soldiers died of diseases and sickness and hunger. We got to see different sights including the National Memorial Arch, the Muhlenberg Brigade, a statue of Mad Anthony Wayne, we saw Washington’s headquarters, the artillery park of different cannons and artillery, Varnum’s Quarters of General James Varnum and the Washington Memorial Chapel. Then we drove to Harrisburg, we saw the State Capitol which is really neat to see, and we saw one museum is the National Civil War Museum on the American Civil War between the Confederates and the Unions, this shows on abolishing slavery on Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Frederick Douglass, John Brown, William Lloyd Garrison and others, they have on President Abraham Lincoln, shows different uniforms and weapons, different battles and campaign’s like the Battle of Antietam, Battle of Gettysburg and others, battle maps, portraits, different camps like Camp Purtin, there are 2,000 patriotic songs from the war, hospitals, and leaders like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Lewis Armistead, Ulysses S. Grant, George Pickett, George Meade, and others. One of the best Civil War Museum to check out.

Best part of the trip. Here’s more photos coming from Philadelphia, this time is the museums I’ve seen.