Here’s more photos from different museums I saw in Philadelphia in Old City which is really fun to see of the National Constitution Center, the Betsy Ross House and the Museum of the American Revolution.
First museum we saw is the National Constitution Center, the first and only museum devoted to the United States Constitution on We the People, shows on freedom, liberty, and justice, it shows 100 interactive and multimedia exhibits film, photographs, text and artifacts, also shows different sculptures of different signers of the Constitution. They even had an exhibit on Alexander Hamilton on his life, and stuff. Another museum we saw is the Betsy Ross House on Betsy Ross on how she designed and created the American flag.
Another museum I like the most of the Museum of the American Revolution on the American Revolutionary War on Washington, the Boston Massacre, shows different weapons and uniforms, different Founding Fathers, different battles like on the Battle of Trenton, Valley Forge, Lexington and Concord and others and different items.
One of the best trips we ever did in Philadelphia. Hope you all enjoy the photos I took.