Here are a few of the pictures we took from our Philadelphia trip. We had such a fun time, walking around downtown and taking in all the great historical sights, as well the American Revolutionary War.

In random, the following two pictures slides featuring:

The Independence Hall, one of the historical building and landmark, saw the court room and the assembly room where the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution was signed. We saw the Liberty Bell, as an American symbol and a international icon for freedom and liberty, had rung during the American Revolutionary War and when the Declaration of Independence was signed, there’s Christ Church where Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, Betsy Ross, Robert Morris and others attended, and the Christ Church Burial where Ben Franklin was buried. Another historic site is an old neighborhood, is the nation’s oldest residential street call Elfreth’s Alley with 33 homes, and the park call Washington Square, where this square lies thousands of unknown soldiers of George Washington’s Army, died of wound or sickness during the American Revolution.

There’s different sites on Benjamin Franklin, including the Franklin Court from where he lives, the Old Post Office, the first library he created, and different streets and places were named after him including the Ben Franklin Bridge, also there’s a museum of him as a Founding Father, politician, writer, printer, author, scientist, inventor and much others, shows on newspapers he published included Join or Die, and when he discovered the electricity, and other inventions. Here’s some photos of City Hall in downtown, Carpenter’s Hall, built by the Carpenter’s Company of the City and County of Philadelphia, to help its members developing architectural skills and to aid their families in times, we saw LOVE Park was a sculpture was sculpted by Robert Indiana, there’s the Declaration House where Thomas Jefferson stayed there when drafting the Declaration of Independence, got to see the Philadelphia Museum of the Arts and the Rocky statue, I got to run up those Rocky steps. they have Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral which is a beautiful church, there’s the Swann Fountain Memorial. We did shop everywhere in Philly like gift shops, also one at the Independence Visitor Center, and places to eat like Italian food, we at the Hard Rock CafĂ© at always, I would get BBQ ribs with onion rings, and at the Hard Rock gift shops, I would buy Hard Rock pins, we got to have lunch at Reading Terminal Market, the place is crowded, my parents have Philly cheesesteak, I got some Chinese and dessert I have a small chocolate cake and a red velvet whoopee pie at the Flying Monkey Bakery. And we saw welcome Park with a statue of William Penn the founder of Philadelphia.